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i-gogs are the ideal pair of sunglasses for the outgoing fan of the outdoors.

Through the use of high end materials in a variety of timeless designs, i-gogs provide the style and quality you want at a price point that doesn’t require a loan and a bumper-to-bumper warranty.

This is not the pair you leave at home for fear of losing or breaking something that cost you an entire paycheck. In fact, i-gogs look best when smattered with just the right amount of water, sand, snow or mud. So go ahead, bring them along – they’re always ready for an adventure.

This is the pair that not only turns heads but gives you the maximum level of comfort and protection at all times, while minimizing glare even on the sunniest of days. It’s the pair you can’t wait to wear because you know that when you do, it means you’ll be living life to the fullest in the great outdoors.

i-gogs are the sunglasses you constantly find yourself wearing, while those designer shades sit on the shelf at home collecting dust. That is, until your i-gogs end up at the bottom of the lake or your buddy borrows them but conveniently forgets to give them back. Oh well, time for a new pair!

i-gogs. This is the pair you always wear.


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